"The Hub" (also called "The Williams Star)"
The ‘Hub’ system or ‘Williams Star’ has the advantage that it is relatively light-weight, and allows a maximum of flexibility in mounting equal segment surround sound arrays with any number of channels from 4 to 8, and with any of the first order directivity patterns. The two sides of the ‘hub’ are shown with colour location for mounting the various radial spokes, corresponding to each of the channel options (Yellow for a Quad system - 4 channels, Red for Multichannel - 5 channels, Blue for Blu-ray - 7 channels, and White plus Yellow for an Eight Channel system). Sets of spokes are of different lengths so as to accomodate the different microphone directivity patterns, so that the microphone capsules are always positioned at the correct distance, for a perfectly critical linked equal segment surround sound sound array structure. The main disadvantage of the 'Hub System' is that it does take a little time to setup.

In the photos shown below, the top left photo shows the two sides of the 'Hub', on the top right is a 5 channel system mounted in an antivibration mounting, The lower photo on the left shows a 5 channel Hypocardioid (Schoeps MK21) array, whilst on the right is the M.A.G.I.C. 8 channel array (a 4 channel central Hub and 4 satellite arms). [Return to Home Page]